The real taste of sausages


Situated on solid Danish farmland 20 km north of Aarhus at Tulip Road 1, lies one of the major meat brands of Northern Europe. As a prime supplier of Danish Bacon, Tulip plays an essential everyday role on many anglo-affinate breakfast tables throughout the world. In fact Tulip and their host of sub brands supplies high quality processed meat to virtually any occasion.

In preparing for the 2018 barbeque season, Tulip wanted some new eyes on the Danish barbeque market, and decided to call in MADE.

Generation Z


In what could easily be described as our favourite fieldwork yet, MADE went infield among the Danish barbeque-users, trying to tease out some sociological truth’s about one of our most marketed occasions. People have been BBQ’ing for ages, and yet every year new products are developed and new tastes are introduced. Adding any kind of edge in a market this mature is a challenge, but – as always – the ”how-to” was found at the users and in their everyday challenges.

In a meat-eating country like Denmark, everybody has an opinion about barbeque, and a lot to say about those opinions too. Teasing out the consistent patterns among the ”should’s” and ”should not’s”, was the key challenge in this study.

What do people actual mean, as in mean enough to change their behaviour. And what do they actually do. It might sound nitty gritty, but quite a few sale boosters was left in those details – boosters enabling us to create growth and change in an extremely mature market.

Working in a mature category, such as meat, creating newness is a constant challenge. How do we reinvent ourselves while staying true to both our heritage and our customers? - Doing this study together with MADE taught us exactly how.

 - Thomas Grøndahl, Consumer Insight Manager, Tulip Food Company

Mand holder en pakke pølser i hånden


(To be disclosed next season)