The Quiet Language of Sofa's


Surrounded by deep Norwegian fjords and an astonishing mountain view lies the small town of Sykkylven, home to Ekornes, the largest furniture manufacturer in Scandinavia. In this beautiful spot Ekornes has produced quality furniture for ordinary people for almost a century. Their classic Ekornes sofas are the trusted backbone of many Norwegian living rooms, and the Stressless® recliner chairs and sofas are known throughout the world. In the spring of 2017, however, they wanted something new, something that could tap into the dreams of the sofa consumers. And Ekornes decided to call in MADE.

Generation Z


As always, we started at the consumers, with Oslo covering the home market, and Hamburg the biggest European market. How do people sit in sofas, and for which occasions? Do real people for instance eat in sofas? Or do they actually sit at all? All those simple questions with seemingly simple answers gave us the nitty gritty details needed in mapping out the underlying patterns of the big picture.

Designing sofas is hard. Sofa’s are family workhorses, and supplies both front stage status and back stage coziness, while constantly being on display and in use in your living room. Studying the customers, and mapping out their use patterns and underlying sociological needs enabled us to set direction for the product development work.

MADE gave us direction, when direction was needed. Their study was our stepping stone to a new segment. I’ll recommend MADE to anyone seriously wanting to understand their consumers, and act accordingly.

 - Hilde, Angelfoss Design&Innovation, in cooperation with Ekornes ASA