Jyske Bank

Free at fifty?


Being the 3rd largest bank in Denmark, Jyske Bank (Danish for “The Bank of Jutland”) wanted to explore and understand, what we dubbed the “’Fifty Free”-segment. Grown up, working professionals with a good income, and a paid out mortgage.

What do they do moneywise, when kids are moving out while the parents still have plenty of years to a healthy retirement? Is it tropical sunsets and big adventures that make them tick? Is it heavy real estate exposure? Or is it something else entirely?

Jyske Bank needed to know – and called in MADE.

Generation Z


Going infield in the Fifty Free segment – visiting and learning from the future mirrors of our professional selves – decoding needs and wants was a giving task - encouraging ourselves to take some sound economic choices as a welcome by-product.

What does really mean something to you, when you’re between 50 and 65? What is important enough to actually make you change your financial dispositions? And how can Jyske Bank tap into this meaning for mutual benefit?

Digging out those behavioural nuggets and crafting them into real banking products with the Jyske Bank team, was a daunting task.

These guys changed our perspective. Working with MADE allowed us to re-learn the Danish banking customers and how we engage with them.

 - Dorte Ostenfeldt, Senior HR Consultant, Jyske Bank

Billede af mand med iPad


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