Can greens be more than salads?


Vidinge, a Swedish company specialised in processing fresh-cut vegetables and fruits, have a mission making it easier and tastier to eat more vegetables and at the same time fighting the overdose of salt, sugar and fat consumed in the Western countries.


Vidinge has been present in Scandinavia for years but wanted to develop this position even further. To do so they lacked fundamental consumer understanding and therefore contacted MADE. How do Scandinavians eat and prepare vegetables? How do they decide what to eat? Questions like these were fundamental to Vidinge in building new concepts for the Scandinavian market.

Generation Z


In order to know more about the drivers and barriers for the Scandinavian consumers MADE conducted a comparable study in Sweden and Denmark of 9 focus groups. In these groups were not only asked questions about eating and shopping habits, shown was also new salad and vegetable concepts.


Overall, the Scandinavian market is still very traditional when it comes to greens and vegetables. Many Scandinavians do basically perceive a salad to be something that can consist of everything that is green. Carrots, cabbage, potatoes. As long as it is green it can go into a salad. When launching new salads and vegetable concepts on the Scandinavian market it is therefore of vital importance to communicate the context of how it should be prepared or used.

Billede af bord med salat

“MADE really helped us understand the Scandinavian market. We came away with a deep understanding of what triggers the Scandinavian consumer and how to communicate new concepts in a crisp way.”

- Ingrid Lamme, Strategic Marketing Manager