The challenge
Grundfos is a renowned, global pump manufacturer with a strong brand in many countries. Grundfos has over the last years experienced severe competition from other pump manufacturers across the globe. With the ambition of differentiating from its key competitors Grundfos initiated a big User Experience Project in the fall of 2014. The goal was to create a “Grundfos Experience” that made Grundfos the preferred choice among its customers. MADE was invited to be part of this project and delivered the knowledge foundation of which the new Grundfos Experience should be grounded

To gain foundational insights into how existing and new customers experience Grundfos MADE conducted 14 days of in-depth ethnographic studies among specifying engineers in Brazil. Specifying engineers are key decicion makers when it comes the deciding what type of pumps that are put into water plants and it was therefore crucial to understand how they experienced Grundfos and how this experience could be better. MADE observed and interviewed 20 specifying engineers working in both public and private companies in
Salvador, Recife, Sao Paulo, Rio and Brasilia.

Based on the research a new Grundfos Experience was created. Even though it was the ambition to create an overall Grundfos Experience for all Grundfos markets, the research showed that depending of the maturity of the market