Grundfos is the biggest pump manufacturer in the world and has been a successful company on the Chinese market for more than 20 years. The competitive situation on the Chinese market has increased over the last years where Chinese producers have started making high quality pumps to a low price. The pump category Home boosters (pumps used for creating water pressure in private homes) have over the last years not performed as wished for Grundfos in China. Grundfos called in MADE to gain inspiration and knowledge about how Grundfos could position the brand stronger on the Chinese market to gain market shares back. Based on an intensive ethnographic study for 2 weeks among Chinese consumers and wholesalers in Shanghai and Suzhou MADE created a number of solutions positioning Grundfos in new and stronger way to the Chinese consumer.


To get a deep understanding of the Chinese pump market 14 days of ethnographic fieldwork was conducted I Suzhou and Shanghai. More than 20 consumers was being followed while purchasing home boosters and 10 employees in 6 different pump shops where interviewed. This qualitative method gave deep insights into the emotional relation between consumers and pumps and what it means for Chinese consumers to purchase pumps. It became obvious in the study that the features and functions of the products made little sense to the consumers whereas the emotional experiences “around” the products were essential.

The ethnographic analysis of the Chinese pump market that MADE conducted was very useful to us. The study delivered specific, surprising and valuable insights from the Chinese market. But most importantly, MADE was able to transform these insights into strong business concepts easy to implement. I can only recommend MADE to all companies that wish to understand its customer and markets better and needs new thinking for their business development. MADE is besides being some really intelligent guys also really pleasant and easy going to work with

- Henrik Juul Nielsen, Departmemt Head, User Insights, Grundfos


 Based on the analysis 7 new concept ideas were created all based on the needs of the Chinese consumers. These concept ideas contained everything from communication strategies, product ideas to concept solutions for new Grundfos stores.