The Island of Fünen has a proud maritime history. From longboats of the early Viking era, more than a 1000 years ago to Maersk Line and the major shipping companies of the global world, the geographical placement has made Fünen a natural center for maritime transport. But competition is fierce, and focus needed.


As small cluster doing the right things, reading the right books, but somehow feeling that more could be done, Maritime Cluster Funen contacted MADE in early summer 2013. During a few weeks, we interviewed cluster members and their customers, and quickly realised a discrepancy between members wanting “growth on Funen” and “inspirational networks” and members customers simply wanting a reliable supplier base.

Focussing their efforts on how to become a preferred supplier, and how to fit into the value chain, and letting growth and synergi be results of that focus instead of a mean in itself, allowed Maritime Cluster Funen a sharper profile in their activities and a clearer educational focus while at the same time saving money and supporting growth.


“Building a cluster strategy is complex stuff. You’ve got politicians, members and even universities trying to pull you in different directions. MADE got it spot on - cutting through baloney like a knife through butter.”  


Maritime Cluster Funen is now a customer centric cluster - neither focussing on members nor political agendas, but on the customers actually placing their orders on Funen.