The Challenge

Research has supported that effective onboarding can have a dramatic effect on job performance and satisfaction for new employees.
A bad onboarding experience can result in burnout among new hires and eventually an early leave from the company. With the ambition of creating the perfect onboarding experience, Arla contacted MADE to get knowledge about how new employees experience the onboarding in Arla and to come up with suggestions for new activities in an onboarding process.

MADE has delivered a clear and realistic picture about our target group (new employees in Arla), which makes it much easier for us to design a solution that fit the exact needs of new employees, instead of us guessing what their needs are.


25 newly hired Arla employees were interviewed to get an in-depth understanding of their onboarding needs. The employees came from various white collar positions within Arla based in Germany, Denmark, the Middle East and China. The research lasted for around 2 weeks and the interviews were done either face-2-face or via Skype.


Based on the research 4 employee persona types were described with different onboarding needs. Based on a number of key insights around the existing onboarding experience MADE further created suggestions for new onboarding activities for Arla. Together with the Arla team MADE created a number of new concepts for new employees in Arla. Many of these concepts are are now being implemented into the Arla organization.