The City wanted to grow local businesses, and contacted MADE on creating a strategy for a new Business Center, at the local harbour front in Odense.

Building a viable strategic growth initiative is a complex task of balancing SME interest with political visibility while building an attractive access to a new market- or customer base. A complexity well suited for a comprehensive tool box.

A brief strategy map revealed that, the original concept, while very visible, and arguably supplying new office space didn’t deliver on market access.




Trying to constructing a viable business model for the center focussed around deep customer insights allowed us to realise, that to succeed the center needed to supply value to the local SME’s, and put simply that value was new customers or markets.

The strategic key would be to find a market, where we could leverage our existing regional key strengths within foodtech, caretech and maritime transportation, and to somehow connect to that market.

As the birth place of world famous and in China very popular author Hans Christian Andersen, Odense City, already had a unique and powerfull story to build on. And with an increasing awareness of food safety, a quickly ageing population, and a huge amount of goods needing transportation, China, while interesting in its own rights, was an almost perfect match to our story and unique strenghts.

HC Andersen Business Center Shanghai works as a combined office space, market insights function and point of reference, making it possible, viable and even easy for local SME’s to sort out regulations, get permits and even get introductions to key customers in a market far from home.




Still a new Business Center, still at the habour front - only a different habour and an entirely different story of customer related growth and real economic possibilities.